Dakar - 2013 | Day 14, Stage 13 - [Copiapo-LaSerena]

Stage - 13, Route Map - Bike/Quad/Car/Trucks
Stage - 13, Stage Profile - Bike/Quad/Car/Trucks
The penultimate day of the Dakar's 2013 edition starts from Copiapo and finishes at the beach city of La Serena, Chile. After 90 km of road section from the service park at Copiapo, lies 441 km of Special Stage with a 61 km neutralised road section at mark km 245. After the flying finish of the day's stage, another 204 km transport section to La Serena concludes the day's action. The stage passes through varying surfaces from rocky gravel, to sand to loose soil. The stage is very steep downhill for the first half until the neutralised section and the latter is rather flat.

Bikes / Quads

Marcos Patronelli - Leads in his Yamaha Raptor
Francisco Lopez is the fastest over the Chilean special stage and Cyril Despres trails back the day's leader by 5m25s. Portuguese, Husqvarna rider Paulo Goncalves finishes third, just 4s short of the overall leader, Cyril Despres.

Marcos Patronelli still leads the overall category on his quad still leads by over 1h50m, however Sebastien Husseini who won the stage. Ignacio Casale was second by just 7s down the stage leader and Lucas Bonetto another 34s slower.

Cars / Trucks

Robby Gordon wins Stage 13, in his Hummer
Hummer driver Robby Gordon goes through the stage fastest, Guerlain Chicherit passes through second fastest with 22s down to Gordon with his SMG Buggy. Orlando Terranova finishes 4m44s down the stage leader and settles in third.

Peterhansel keeps his overall lead intact, no foolish mistake by the Dakar-10-timer-winner who knows how it has to be done and finishes the day 9th quickest. De Villiers in his Toyota Hilux finishes the stage in 4th place and protects his 2nd overall. Russian Leonid Lovistkiy in another X-Raid Mini All4 is hooked to his 3rd place overall and finishes 5th in Stage 13.
Kamaz trucks lead - Dakar 2013
After tragical mishaps with the Iveco's title holder Gerard De Rooy's truck who lost about 1h30m+ late last week, and finished second quickest today. Kamaz were encashing the situation in a very efficient and calculated way, and still it was Andrey Karginov who was fastest through the stage, Tatra driver Ales Loprais finished third quickest.

Overall leaderboard has top 3 for Kamaz.

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The Invincible, Leads | Rallye MonteCarlo - Day 3 | WRC - 2013

Sebastien Loeb is going strength-to-strength, with every passing stage & day. Nothing new though! He extends his lead with a few more seconds to Volkswagen Polo R WRC driver, Sebastien Ogier. Finally after some great crashes and more wild moments, it is the young Russian, Evgeny Novikov who is in the third spot on the over all leaderboard after SS13, after the Citroen DS3 WRC driver Dani Sordoi slips to 4th overall.

Mikko Hirvonen says, "Not very confident with the conditions, was pushing & nearly went off. So later, backed off the pace", so drops to 6th overall by the day's final stage. It was a good recovering day for Jari Matti-Latvala, who finally managed to climb up to 5th overall with impressive performance of his new VW Polo R WRC car. With only 3 stages on the Itinerary, the cars & crews headed to the service park at Valence, Monaco.

Sebastien Ogier - VW Polo R WRC
St Jean en Royans - La Cime du Mas stage (33.19 km, SS-11) was the first stage of the day, and the stage win was taken by the nine-time-world-champ. Ogier managed to keep the margin of win narrow with just 1.5s down Loeb. M-Sport chief driver, Mads Ostberg was third quickest, while the Russian Roulette who was quicker than the rest of the field. With the Austrian Ilka Minor in the navigator seat, Novikov seems to be more composed these days, but how can we forget the strong foundation laid by his most experienced former codriver, Denis Giraudet.

Mads Ostberg - Ford Fiesta RS WRC
After a quick service, SS-12, the return of the classic Monte stages from the yester year's, St Nazaire le Desert - La Motte Chalancon (22.11 km) was the next stage where the Qatar M-Sport WRT driver Mads Ostberg who passed the fastest, and his team-mate Novikov did another good time behind. Mikko Hirvonen was quicker than both the Seb's, who were down at 4th and 5th. Latvala struggled with his new car and was little more than 10s down the stage leader.

Sebastien Loeb - Citroen DS3 WRC
SS-13 , Sisteron - Thoard (36.7 km) was the longest for the day and once again, it was Loeb who was the quickest. Latvala showed his speed here and finished the day's last stage 2nd quickest, 8.7s down the legend. Ogier was third quickest, proved Polo R WRC car has the speed, and it is just the km's that needed in the real-test on the WRC stages to come.

A little more than 108 km lies ahead tomorrow, for the rally to conclude. It is going to be three runs of the super-freezing Col-de-Turini, Moulinet - La Bollene, [23.54 km] and two runs of Lantosque - Luceram - [19 km], with the second one being the Power Stage.

 Pos.      Time    | Diff.Prev   | Diff.Leader |  Driver (comp. no)    | Car                     
  1. 4:16:29.1  |  +00:00.0   |  +00:00.0     |  S. LOEB (1)               | Citroen DS3 WRC
  2. 4:18:29.3  |  +01.47.4   |  +01:47.4     |  S. OGIER (8)             | VW Polo R WRC
  3. 4:20:01.8  |  +01:32.5   |  +03:19.9     |  E. NOVIKOV  (5)       | Citroen DS3 WRC
  4. 4:20:03.5  |  +00:01.7   |  +03:21.6     |  D. SORDO (10)         | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  5. 4:20:46.8  |  +00:43.3   |  +04:04.9     |  J. LATVALA (7)         | Citroen DS3 WRC
  6. 4:21:01.0  |  +00:14.2   |  +04:19.1     |  M. HIRVONEN (2)     | VW Polo R WRC
  7. 4:21:57.4  |  +00:56.4   |  +05:15.5     |  J. HANNINEN (6)       | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  8. 4:23:00.1  |  +01:02.7   |  +06:18.2     |  M. OSTBERG (4)      | Citroen DS3 WRC
  9. 4:25:02.6  |  +02:02.5   |  +08:20.7     |  B. BOUFFIER (22)    | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  10. 4:35:30.7  |  +10:28.1   |  +18:48.8     |  M. PROKOP (21)      | Ford Fiesta RS WRC

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Dakar - 2013 | Stage 12, Day 13 - [Fiambala-Copiapo]

Stage 12, Day 13:

Dakar '13, Stage 12 - Map Profile
Dakar '13, Stage 12 - Route Profile
Dakar rally now heads back to Chile with the 12 stage on its 13th day. The action starts from Fiambala, Argentina with 392 km of liaison through the border, and the special stage of 319 km, starts in Chile land. The day ends with another short 4 km of road section to end the day. The route is the same for all category competition.

Organisers - Stage Debriefing

The rally will cross the Andes Mountains from the east to the west this time, via the Paso San Francisco, before dropping down into the Atacama Desert to taste all the types of difficulties that can be faced in the rally-raid discipline. For the large portions of dunes located in the middle of the special, the riders and crews must climb these “monuments” and avoid getting stuck in hollows that are just as big. On the tracks, the stage will be no easy task, since the rocks and stones, though scattered, could even bring the quickest competitors to a sudden halt. The participants who managed to reach Copiapó without making mistakes will have scored precious points in the final battle. Following the neutralisation of their special yesterday, the car and truck crews will probably have to tame their frustration, whilst the bikers, still closely grouped behind Cyril Despres, will have to battle to make the difference. The leading quad riders are relatively safe in terms of position, even if this stage is likely to count among the more decisive on the rally.

Bikes / Quads

Frans Verhoeven (NLD), won the stage, while Cyril Despres leads the overall classification, bikes. Quad #265, UAE Honda rider Sebastian Husseini made the fastest stage finish over the overall-leader Marcos Patronelli.

Cars / Trucks

Peterhansel's team-mate, Mini All4 Racing driver of car #305, Joan (Nani) Roma (ESP) won the stage, and Stephane Peterhansel keeps his over-all lead. Guerlain Chicherit's buggy developed some gear-box issues. Robby Gordon made good pace in the initial part of the stage.

In Trucks category, Kamaz truck #510 driver Andrey Karginov (RUS) took the stage lead, while Eduard Nikoleav (RUS) driver of truck #50 leads the rally.

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Loeb Still Leads - Rally Monte-Carlo, Day 2 | WRC - 2013

Sebastien Loeb - Citroen DS3 WRC
Sebastien Ogier - VW Polo R WRC
Sebastien Loeb continues to dominate on the second day of Rally Monte-Carlo, with a comfortable lead of 1m34.8s. It was more of a controlled aggression by the driver/codrivers to tackle the tricky and mostly frozen twisty narrow mountain roads of Monaco.

Today first stage, SS5 was won by VW driver Sebastien Ogier in his Polo R WRC, while the Russian Evgeny Novikov claimed SS6 in his works Ford Fiesta RS WRC. Juha Hanninen went fastest and won his debut WRC stage win in another Qatar M-Sport WRT's, Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

Dani Sordo did not have any stage win, but rather a consistent drive to ensure he finished third overall by the end of day, i.e., SS10.

  Pos    Time      | Diff.Prev   | Diff.Leader |  Driver (comp. no)     | Car                     
  1. 3:16:29.1  |  +00:00.0   |  +00:00.0     |  S. LOEB (1)               | Citroen DS3 WRC
  2. 3:18:09.9  |  +01.34.8   |  +01:34.8     |  S. OGIER (8)             | VW Polo R WRC
  3. 3:19:07.1  |  +01:03.2   |  +02:38.0     |  D. SORDO (10)         | Citroen DS3 WRC
  4. 3:19:22.3  |  +00:15.2   |  +02:53.2     |  E. NOVIKOV  (5)       | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  5. 3:19:51.8  |  +00:29.5   |  +03:22.7     |  M. HIRVONEN (2)     | Citroen DS3 WRC
  6. 3:20:12.3  |  +00:20.5   |  +03:43.2     |  J. LATVALA (7)          | VW Polo R WRC
  7. 3:20:40.4  |  +00:28.1   |  +04:11.3     |  J. HANNINEN (6)       | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  8. 3:22:14.5  |  +01:34.1   |  +05:45.4     |  B. BOUFFIER (22)    | Citroen DS3 WRC
  9. 3:22:18.1  |  +00:03.6   |  +05:49.0     |  M. OSTBERG (4)      | Ford Fiesta RS WRC
  10. 3:30:44.7  |  +08:26.6   |  +14:15.6     |  M. PROKOP (21)      | Ford Fiesta RS WRC

 The best part of the rally & the media/tv house was to prepare and broadcast video highlights of the first 3 stage of the day, even before the second half action begun. Here it is.

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Dakar - 2013 | Stage 11, Day 12 - [LaRioja-Fiambala]

Day 12, Stage 11:

Kamaz Truck
As the rally heads toward its conclusive day, the competition is getting tougher. Today, with just under 500kms of total itinerary and 220 km of special stage the sense of accomplishment and nervousness gets into the viens of the top runners. From here on, any mistakes will certainly break their chances of winning or even keeping their respective positions. Bikes, Quads, Cars & Trucks are the similar order in which it is going to happen.

Bikes / Quads:

Bikes / Quads : Stage 11 - Map
A transport of 256 km will take the competition to their proving grounds for another 220 km, to end the day with another 6 km to the day's retiring camp at Fiambala. A total of 482 km waits for Bikes & Quads.
Bike - Joan Barreda Bot

After an eventful day yesterday of David Casteu's retirement the KTM riders almost rule the top 6 positions. American Kurt Caselli won the stage today, while Husqvarna rider Portuguese Paulo Goncalves finished second fastest and overall leader Cyril Despres finished 6m down the day's winner.

Bikes / Quads : Stage 11 - Profile
Quads - Rafal Sonik
On Quads, Honda rider Australian Paul Smith won the stage, and Gaston Gonzalez finished second, while overall rally leader Marcos Patronelli finished third.

Cars / Trucks:

Peterhansel - Mini All4 Racing
Stage 11: Cars/Trucks - Route Map
As with bikes/quads, Cars & Trucks will tread 256 km of road section for 219 km of special, a different of the Bikes/Quads to ensure their safety in the heat of competition. Similar 6 km to end the day at the service park in Fiambala.

Race2Recovery - LandRover
X-Raid, Mini All4 Racing driver Stephane Peterhansel was the first to start the day's action, followed by other few cars and the stage was geting beyond drivable. Heavy rains had made the dry riverbeds, which were crossed as part of the stage, virtually un-motorable.
Stage 11 : Cars/Trucks - Route Profile

After Checkpoint 2, the organisers decided to 'pull-the-plug' for the stage and cancelled completely for the trucks and few cars that were to start the stage and directed to the EoD service park/ferme.

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Rallye MonteCarlo - Day 1, Report | WRC - 2013

Day's Overall Rally Leader - Sebastien Loeb
Monaco - Flag
First stage of first rally of the first season, especially for VW Motorsport and Sebasien Ogier, seals it with the debut stage win! 'Seb-the-Loeb', however takes it away in the SS 2 with over 10s and becomes the new leader.

And the questions about the media services for WRC, the now, new media partner being Red Bull - Media House [http://www.laola1.tv], has made quite a few interesting videos. Hope it gets better.!

Okay coming back to the rally, the first half of the day saw what 'WE' had expected, the fight between Seb's. Ogier took the maiden stage win for the debut competition stage for VW Polo R WRC, shaving off 3.7s to Loeb. Neat, eh?, but Loeb answered that in the SS2 by a clean 10.4s and showing who the senior is!

Volkswagen Polo R WRC - Latvala
Second half of the day, was the beginning of the real drama, although while S.Loeb maintained his lead throughout SS3 & SS4. It was the timing system that went haywire. Sistemas Integrales de Telecomunicacion (SIT), is the new timing & tracking system provider who took over this season from Stage 1 Tech. Also, there was some lack of real-time information for the followers, who seemed to be in trouble for some reason or the other.  It was the Live-Text that was missing in the parental site, www.wrc.com. But there were a hoard of tweeters who did the job, but it was questionable of the reliability of the official duty. Hope FIA / WRC will fix it soon!

SS3 results went real bad, & SS4 couldn't be believed, so was the overall ranking. Hope they fix-it for the for the last ever time. By the way, when was it last heard of timing system going bad, with Stage 1 Tech? No, we don't have a clue. Somebody aptly said, "Don't fix something, that ain't broken yet"!

Rankings after day 1, it is still not clear and not-final, because time problems Stage 3. But at the moment it looks like this.

  Pos    Time      | Diff.Prev   | Diff.Leader |  Driver (competition no)
  1. 1:39:49.0  |  +00:00.0   |  +00:00.0     |  S. LOEB (1)
  2. 1:41:09.3  |  +01.20.3   |  +01:20.3     |  S. OGIER (8)
  3. 1:41:35.7  |  +00:26.4   |  +01:46.7     |  M. HIRVONEN (2)
  4. 1:41:50.2  |  +00:14.5   |  +02:01.2     |  D. SORDO (10)
  5. 1:42:21.2  |  +00:31.0   |  +02:32.2     |  J. LATVALA (7)
  6. 1:42:39.6  |  +00:18.4   |  +02:50.6     |  E. NOVIKOV  (5)
  7. 1:42:44.1  |  +00:04.5   |  +02:55.1     |  M. OSTBERG (4)
  8. 1:42:46.1  |  +00:02.0   |  +02:57.1     |  B. BOUFFIER (22)
  9. 1:42:52.5  |  +00:06.4   |  +03:03.5     |  J. HANNINEN (6)
  10. 1:46:00.3  |  +03:07.8   |  +06:11.3     |  M. PROKOP (21)

Neuville Fiesta's - Broken Tie-Rod
Thierry Neuville was the first to be listed on the retirement list after damaging off his left front wheel of his Qatar M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC.

The tracking system had also caused some issues on the first loop, when Loeb's car was falsely registered as having stopped on stage one and Rally Officials asked Citroen Racing to disconnect sensors in Loeb and Dani Sordo's cars. "For safety reasons and after consultation with the FIA technical delegate, the stewards permit to disconnect the boot and bonnet sensors of the GPS tracking system in car #1 and car #10 as this item apparently blocks the sending of signals from the GPS safety tracking system in these cars," explained a stewards' statement.

Drama or issues, Day 1 ends of the season opening rally. See you guys tomorrow.

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Thierry Neuville Goes Fastest - Rally Monte-Carlo, 2013 [Shakedown]

Thierry Neuville - Foto: www.katikisphotography.com
In the first outing of Rally Monte-Carlo, on the short shakedown stage Thierry Neuville is the fastest man of WRC season 2013, so far!

The young Belgian rallystar was given a ride in a Qatar M-Sport WRT's Ford Fiesta RS WRC, and will be driving it the whole season in 2013. He had proved that he can drive fast, as he drove Citroen Junior WRT's Citroen DS3 WRC, last year with impressive pace and skillset.
Weather Forecast for the week..

Shakedown stage was very slippery for any type of tyres, as it had almost all kinds of surface conditions in the short piece of road. Ice, Snow, wet tarmac, slushy corners and stretches.. etc. Even Loeb, Ogier, and a few more, had off-road excursions or some small silly crashes. Never mind nothing serious!

Shakedown-action was much like this,

And the best one!! 
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Dakar - 2013 | Stage 10, Day 11 - [Cordoba-LaRioja]

Day 11, Stage 10:

Eleventh day into the marathon Dakar Rally, action started at Cordoba and ended in La-Rioja, Argentina. Two different route-maps for the first half of the continous special stage, each for bikes/quads and cars/trucks, which later merges together midway. The distance covered by all categories is now even , maybe with a very little difference, almost negligible. With just 5 days left, yesterday's affected lot are the ones, who would try to all-out to gain as much advantage as possible, but with caution.

Bikes / Quads:

The day's itinerary starts with 37 km of transport, 357 km of Special ends with another 242 km of last transport to La-Rioja service park.
Joan Barreda Bort

Yamaha rider, David Casteu is the one who would be really gutted with his yesterday's mishaps which both costed him time and some injuries that would haunt the rest of this year's Dakar, with his retirement last stage. Cyril Despres, however is the one who is the most controlled attitude and focussed athlete on the bikes who snatched the overall lead, although the Portugal rider, Joan Barreda Bort won today's stage.
Marcos Patronelli

Countryman, Argentinian Marcos Patronelli, is the leader of the rally, eases off the stage to conserve his machine and himself onto undue incidents and finishes in 7th. Lukasz Laskawiec wins the stage with over 7mins to the rally leader.

Cars / Trucks:

Itinerary for Day 11, starts 38 km of transport, 353 km of Special ends with another 242 km of last transport to La-Rioja service park.

Guerlain Chicherit
BMW driver Orlando Terranova, wins the stage, Mini All4 Racing driver Nani Roma takes second and Peterhansel comforts in 3rd. Peter though takes the overall lead, by 52m38s to Toyota Hilux driver Giniel De Villiers.

Kamaz driver Karginov won the stage, while Gerard De Rooy finished in 7th in stage and is 4th more than an hour down the rally leader, another Kamaz driver Eduard Nikoleav.

Iveco driver Gerard's chances of winning the Dakar are rather slim, unless the top 3 have similar issues or loose enough time for him to reclaim his lost position.

Another 4 days of action is going to become more intense as it nears to the podium, and this is where the nail-biting action returns! Stay hooked!

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Dakar - 2013 | Stage 9, Day 10 - [Tucuman-Cordoba]

Day 10 - Stage 9:

After the well deserved rest-day, yesterday, Dakar is back to finish the second half of its endurance rally, raid. Day's stage is much on the route of the WRC stages of Argentina, which normally happens in the mid-calendar-year time. The Bikers, Quad riders & Cars have almost the same route to tackle, starting from Tucuman, to end the day's rally in Cordoba, Argentina, with a total of 850+ km. Trucks have lesser and much straighter overall 700 km route from Tucuman to Cordoba.

Bikes & Quads

As usual, it was Bikers who started the day's 852 km journey, and action right from the start and it was Joan Barreda Bort turn today. Quad riders followed them, on an identical itinerary starting with 176 km of road section to reach Stage 9, and the Special Stage which is the longest running one with 593 km in length, and another 83 km of road section to end the day's rally in Cordoba, Argentina. The stage has a neutralized section from km 226 till 353.

Cyril Despres put up his best performance today, by gaining 4m3s over second placed Joan Barreda Bort in todays's rally & now sits in second overall, by 5m23s to Ruben Faria. It was a very bad day for Yamaha rider David Casteu, as he collided with a cow in the first section of the special and stopped more than once after the fall, but managed to finish down 1h50m10s and hence lost overall lead that he had until yesterday.

Lukasz Laskawiec won the Stage 9 in quads by 1m5s over Marcos Patronelli who is still the overall leader by 1h32m28s to the nearest competitor Casale.


The Cars have almost the same route as the riders to tackle today with just a kilometer less in the first transport, but similar later Special Stage 9, which is also the longest running one with 593 km in length, and another 83 km of road section to end the day's rally in Cordoba, Argentina. Like bike/quads a neutralized section starts from km 226 from start and ends at 353.

Guerlain Chicherit was the first one to leave Tucuman, as he is the winner of previous stage. De Villiers put up a good fight during today's stage, however, it was the Mini's that took the top spots today. Nani Roma & Stephane Peterhansel snatched 1st & 2nd, while Argentinian Orlando Terranova took third, Robby Gordon in fourth. Peterhansel extends his lead to more than 49mins overall cars.


However, the trucks have about 324 km of transport to reach a different 293 km length of Special Stage and a similar 82 km of transport to finish at Parc Ferme in Cordoba.

Gerard De Rooy was the first Trucker to start, but his Iveco developed Turbo issues and lost more than 1h25m during the course of the day & finished in 59th. He slips from the overall leaderboard by almost an hour and currently sits in 4th. Russian Kamaz driver Nikoleav is the new rally leader. Czech, Tatra driver Ales Loprais won the Special-Stage-9 today.

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WRC - 2013, Rally Monte-Carlo | The Beginning of a Fresh New Season!

Monte-Carlo, Monaco: First round of the World Rally Championship, is underway with all the action to start from tomorrow. The 81° Edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo is held from 15th to 20th January 2013, which is one of the longest running events in the history of world rally. It is the roads and weather of this event that is both challenging and exciting. 

Although it is a asphalt event, at this time of the year, at some sections or stages will be snow lined, ice-formation is kind of a must at some places, and to add the fun, the roads are narrow, twisty over & across, mountains, making it one of the tough to judge and drive. Adding more fun, the event spans over four days of competitive action, covering a total distance that exceeds 450 kms in special stages.

Reconnaissance is underway, since Saturday from 8 a.m., till 7 p.m. today/Monday, with a maximum of two runs on the special stage routes, as usual.

Administrative checks begun yesterday/Sunday at 2 p.m., while all of today / Monday 14th is reserved for scrutineering, to ensure that all are present for shakedown on Tuesday 15th. Shakedown will be located on Plateau de Lautagne, near the RD261, south of Valence, less than 10 km from the service park [which is located in the Parc des Expositions].

Ceremonial Start is scheduled today evening, at 6 p.m., in the Champ de Mars [near the Peynet kiosk] where all competitors will present themselves for the competition, in order of competition number.

Day 1 : Stage Competition begins on Wednesday 16th, over four special stages in Ardeche, covering more than 130 km: Moulinon - Antraigues and Burzet - St Martial and back to the Valence service park by noon at 12.30 p.m.

Day 2 : On Thursday 17th, the three specials in Ardeche and Haute Loire will be driven twice, with a halfway stop in Valence at around 12.45 p.m. (130 km).

Day 3 : Friday 18th will comprise three specials, with a long St Jean en Royans - La Cime du Mas stage (33 km) in Vercors. Then, after a stop in the Valence service park, there are two classic Monte Carlo Rally stages on the way back down to Monaco, which haven’t been run for many years: St Nazaire le Desert - La Motte Chalancon  (22 km) and Sisteron - Thoard (37 km). Cars are allowed to arrive at the Monaco time control earlier than the 7.30 p.m. target time.

Day 4 : On Saturday 19th, five stages are scheduled for the 60 highest-ranked teams, with three Col-de-Turini runs (Le Moulinet - La Bollene - 23km), two of which are at night, and two passes through Col St Roch (Lantosque - Luceram - 19km), one of which is at night. The latter is classed as a Power Stage, and awards bonus points to the three top finishers.

In all, 465 km of timed stages will need to be driven to reach the final podium in the Place du Palais, Monaco, at 11 a.m., on Sunday 20th January 2013.
_ ______ ____________ _ ____________ ______ _

FIA has released the team names, cars and number one drivers entered for the 'Manufacturers' championship have been released:

  • Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team / Citroën DS3 WRC / Mikko Hirvonen
  • Qatar M-Sport World Rally Team / Ford Fiesta RS WRC / Mads Ostberg
  • Volkswagen Motorsport / Volkswagen Polo R WRC / Jari-Matti Latvala

The list continues with the following teams which will battle for the 'WRC Teams' title:

  • Abu Dhabi Citroën Total World Rally Team / Citroën DS3 WRC
  • Lotos WRC Team / Mini John Cooper Works WRC
  • Qatar World Rally Team / Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Qatar WRT will run two cars, although the rallies contested by each one are likely to be different. Meanwhile, Lotos WRC Team will be looked after by Motorsport Italia who will enter a single car for all 13 rounds.

Finally, the crews officially entered by these teams for this week’s Rallye Monte-Carlo are,

  • Citroën Total Abu Dhabi: Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena and Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
  • Qatar M-Sport: Mads Ostberg/Jonas Andersson and Evgeny Novikov/Ilka Minor
  • Volkswagen Motorsport: Jari-Matti Latvala/Mikka Anttila and Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia
  • Abu Dhabi Citroën Total: Dani Sordo/Carlos Del Barrio
  • Qatar WRT: Juho Hänninen/Tomi Tuominen and Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul
  • Lotos WRC Team: Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak
Source : Best oF Rally Live - Michelin

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