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Time for Acropolis Rally of Greece, 2013 & RalliHeart is One Year Young [Online]!

The Rally of Gods , a.k.a., Acropolis Rally of Greece , is already buzzing with activity at the Service Park & Rally HQ , at coasta...

The Rally of Gods, a.k.a., Acropolis Rally of Greece, is already buzzing with activity at the Service Park & Rally HQ, at coastal resort in Loutraki,  about 90 km from Athens, Greece. The rally was first featured in 1973 for WRC and has been active since then.

Characteristics of this rally is its high ambient temperature, very rocky, dusty, with a combination of hard, fast sections also softer, winding tracks combine is surely takes no prisonsers of no kind. Let it be cars, driver/codriver nor its service crew.

The rally has been shortened by a distance of the stages approximately 100 kilometres and is just merely a two day affair this year. This makes it the shortest event being contested, so far in this season.

The Qualifying Stage of 6.05 km on Friday morning decides the running order for day one. Then crews head east to the capital Athens and the famous Zappion for the ceremonial start.

After that, the event proper begins with the marathon 47 km Kineta-Pissa stage - the longest test of the rally - and then a late evening run of Kineta.

On Saturday, the day has eight stages over a demanding 12-hour period. The service for the day is restricted to just one 30-minute halt in Loutraki, so the challenge is further increased due to the limited amount of repair work that can be undertaken, making it a tricky event for the competition to tackle in a more strategic manner.

Sunday has just four stages to tackle and the event concludes with the repeat of the 30km Loutraki test, this year's Power Stage for the rally to make a mark at the finish line.

By the way, RalliHeart turns an year old [young] at the beginning of Acropolis Rally [on 31st May, 2013]. A warm hug & many thanks to all of you for your appreciation and support.

The video below is the teaser from last year's action. Enjoy and stay tuned!

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