Dakar – 2014 ~ Just one more day left..

Dakar2014 is all set for a thrilling battle, at finale tomorrow. Perhaps, it was the cold of Monte, that had taken its toll on us to even think of the scorching heat in the South American desert, that was disposing off onto its annual conquerors. Here is a brief insight of the situation at hand, […]

Dakar – 2013 | Stage 10, Day 11 – [Cordoba-LaRioja]

Day 11, Stage 10: Eleventh day into the marathon Dakar Rally, action started at Cordoba and ended in La-Rioja, Argentina. Two different route-maps for the first half of the continous special stage, each for bikes/quads and cars/trucks, which later merges together midway. The distance covered by all categories is now even , maybe with a […]

Dakar – 2013 | Stage 9, Day 10 – [Tucuman-Cordoba]

Day 10 – Stage 9: After the well deserved rest-day, yesterday, Dakar is back to finish the second half of its endurance rally, raid. Day’s stage is much on the route of the WRC stages of Argentina, which normally happens in the mid-calendar-year time. The Bikers, Quad riders & Cars have almost the same route […]

Dakar – 2013 | Stage 7, Day 7 – [Calama-Salta]

Route Map – Cars / Trucks Route Map – Bikes / Quads Seventh day of Dakar ’13 has dawned, and the Stage 7 awaits the endured competitors who have made their way this far. The route is almost common for all the categories, with only a different Parc Ferme for Bikes/Quads, which is little west of […]

Dakar – 2013, [Day 3] Stage 3 – Report

Day 3 Action started from Pisco and shifted towards Nazca in Peru. The race stage started 4kms of transport section, from the Parc Ferme. 243kms of [mostly sandy] competitive section and another 96kms of road section to conclude the day’s action. It was the top finishers who lead the trailing group, again bikes and quads […]

Dakar – 2013 | Day 1, 2 – Stage 1, 2 | Report

After a grand ceremonial start, the competitors headed to the start line amidst the spectating crowds. First Leg of Dakar was much like a warmup of 13kms of competitive stage distance, after 250 kms of 250kms from the city of Lima to Pisco, but nothing less exciting. Thousands of fans, spectators lined almost the entire […]