#Dakar2015, Day 11 (Stage 10) – Calama, Chile to Salta, Argentina

Route for Cars + Trucks Route for Bikes + Quads Day 11 – Stage 10, at Dakar 2015. Yesterday, on the eleventh day of the dakar rally, the motorcyclists and quad bikers set off for their second marathon stage(10). After the Chile-Argentina border, this time the day’s special stage started on the Salinas Grandes, more […]

#Dakar2015, Day 10 – Iquique to Calama, Chile

Common Route for Bikes, Quads, Cars & Trucks over the wide and long sand dune stage (9) for Day 10. Day 10 of Dakar 2015, for this farewell session to the Atacama Desert, all the competitors will come together once again for the special stage, with fifty-odd kilometres over sand and dunes. They should revel […]

#Dakar2015, Day 9 – Uyuni, Bolivia to Iquique, Chile (Bikes & Quads only)

Day 9 route, with Stage 8, Bikes & Quads 2 wheels against, 4 wheeled twin Day 9 of Dakar 2015 bids goodbye to Bolivia ths year. The day started started with stage 8 for the bike & quad riders, but the weather not so in favour of them. It was cold, wet, foggy and less […]

#Dakar2015, Day 8 – Uyuni, Bolivia & Iquique, Chile

Day 8, Stage 8 for Cars & Trucks, 7 for Bikes & Quads! Bikes & Quads Grand reception at Uyuni for the day’s arrivals The cars will tackled it first yesterday, and today by the motorcycle and quad riders. Right from the outset, the long liaison section with an early start, followed by a gradual […]

#Dakar2015, Day 7 – Iquique, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia (Cars & Trucks only)

Day 7, Stage 7 for Cars & Trucks Cars Route for Cars, Day 7 Numerous difficulties will mark the first part of the Bolivian marathon stage. The cars will tackle it first, followed by the motorcycles the next day. Right from the outset, the long liaison section will mean an early start, followed by a […]

#Dakar2015, Day 6 – Antofagasta to Iquique, Chile

Route for Bikes & Quads Route for Cars & Trucks The route will then climb up the Pacific coast towards Iquique. The motorcycles and quad bikes will cover a few extra kilometres as part of the special stage: a detour will take them into endurance-type terrain and onto mountain ridges with views over the sea. […]

#Dakar2015, Day 5 – Copiapo to Antofagasta, Chile

Top 5 Bikes, Stage 5 Pos.  N° Name Mark Time Difference Penalty 1 1 COMA (ESP) KTM 04:38:16 – – 2 2 BARREDA BORT (ESP)  HONDA  04:40:32  00:02:16 – 3 31  QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 04:40:56 00:02:40 – 4 18 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 04:42:10 00:03:54 – 5 7 GONCALVES (PRT) HONDA 04:42:53 00:04:37 – 56 59 […]

#Dakar2015, Day 4 – Chilecito, Argentina to Copiapo, Chile

Bikes, Quads & Cars Trucks route Today on day 4, the 2015 edition Dakar progresses from Chilecito, Argentina and culminates at Copiapo, Chile crossing the international border. It begins with a long transport of 594 km, climbing to an altitude of 4800 meters. The special stage initially starts with a gradual undulating roads through mining […]