Welshman Elfyn Evans leads Wales Rally GB, WRC

Welshman Elfyn Evans leads Wales Rally GB, WRC at the end of Day 2, Friday. The young Welsh dominated from since the morning’s stage victory, while others struggled to match his pace. Winning three of the day’s six stages, while the title contenders, Sebastien Ogier Ott Tanak & Thierry Neuville claiming each of the remaining three stages, were unable to challenge Evans leadership, who made a respectable 24.6s ahead of the closest Tanak in second, while Ogier managed third, with an additional 2.2s.

Thierry slid off the road in the day’s opening stage and lost valuable time to challenge his title run, which seems so far. Ogier has to finish ahead of Tanak & the Belgian in order to secure his 5th consecutive title by the end of this rally if not will have to fight in the final event, down under.

Top 10, after Friday end of day.

1.3GBRE. EVANS1:09:20.9
2.2ESTO. TANAK1:09:45.5+24.6+24.6
3.1FRAS. OGIER1:09:47.7+2.2+26.8
4.5BELT. NEUVILLE1:09:58.0+10.3+37.1
5.10FINJ. LATVALA1:10:02.8+4.8+41.9
6.9GBRK. MEEKE1:10:02.9+0.1+42.0
7.6NORA. MIKKELSEN1:10:12.9+10.0+52.0
8.16ESPD. SORDO1:10:34.8+21.9+1:13.9
9.4NZLH. PADDON1:10:43.8+9.0+1:22.9
10.11FINJ. HÄNNINEN1:11:04.4+20.6+1:43.5


Tomorrow, the day consists of a total 9 specials. First car starts early at 6:10am from service park, and taking the start with SS8 Aberhirnant at 7:55am, and SS9 – Dyfnant, SS10 – Gartheiniog, SS11 – Dyfi to make the first loop before regroup at Corris.

Repetition of Gartheiniog, and Dyfi with Cholmondeley Castle super special for mid-day loop. Final repeat of Aberhirnant and Dyfnant specials will conclude the day’s action, quickly after a quick service at Deeside service park.


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Ogier Leads Wales Rally GB after SS1

Sebastien Ogier is the overnight leader after the late evening rally opening special stage at Tir Prince Raceway. Jari-Matti Latvala, Thierry Neuville & Ott Tanak sit less than a second below the leader, while the Welshman Elfyn Evans who was fastest in the Shakedown is down in 5th spot.

The top 20 is all under 3.4s apart the leader and the Day 2 action will begin tomorrow, with Myherin (20.28kms), Sweet Lamb (4.24kms) & Hafren (the longest in the rally with 35.14kms). The afternoon specials being the re-run of the morning stages once again will culminate the day’s fight to the top.

The top 20 list is as below.

1.1FRAS. OGIER1:09.7
2.10FINJ. LATVALA1:10.1+0.4+0.4
3.5BELT. NEUVILLE1:10.2+0.1+0.5
4.2ESTO. TANAK1:10.3+0.1+0.6
5.3GBRE. EVANS1:10.8+0.5+1.1
6.6NORA. MIKKELSEN1:10.8+0.0+1.1
7.12FINE. LAPPI1:10.9+0.1+1.2
8.16ESPD. SORDO1:10.9+0.0+1.2
9.11FINJ. HÄNNINEN1:11.0+0.1+1.3
10.8IRLC. BREEN1:11.0+0.0+1.3
11.4NZLH. PADDON1:11.3+0.3+1.6
12.31SWEP. TIDEMAND1:11.7+0.4+2.0
13.44NORE. BRYNILDSEN1:11.9+0.2+2.2
14.82FINJ. HUTTUNEN1:11.9+0.0+2.2
15.33NORO. VEIBY1:12.1+0.2+2.4
16.9GBRK. MEEKE1:12.2+0.1+2.5
17.51FINK. ROVANPERÄ1:12.7+0.5+3.0
18.32FRAE. CAMILLI1:12.9+0.2+3.2
19.14NORM. ØSTBERG1:13.0+0.1+3.3
20.38GBRG. GREENSMITH1:13.1+0.1+3.4


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FIA confirms, Rally Turkey back on WRC Calendar in 2018


M-Sport World Rally Team and Toyota Gazoo Racing sent representatives to the picturesque south-west holiday resort of Marmaris to observe the three-day dirt road rally, which was provisionally listed in the calendar a month ago.

They were joined by WRC Promoter management, WRC rally director Jarmo Mahonen and FIA safety delegate Michèle Mouton. All were impressed by the high standards of organisation, the quality of the special stages and the service park facilities.

“We wanted to observe a rally that is fit to take its place at the WRC’s top table,” said WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla. “The organising team at TOSFED delivered that and my congratulations go to them for securing a deserved place in the 2018 calendar.

“Next year’s fixture will be one of the most compact in the sport’s history. The special stages hug the coast with amazing backdrops overlooking the sea and WRC fans can look forward to stunning TV images.”

Large crowds watched the rally, which was won by Orhan Avcioğlu in a Skoda Fabia R5. Avcioğlu will compete in the WRC 2 support category at Dayinsure Wales Rally GB, this week’s penultimate round of the season.

Turkey’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Osman Aşkin Bak, attended Friday evening’s start ceremony in Marmaris and TOSFED president Serkan Yazici said it showed the importance attached to Turkey’s WRC return.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring the WRC back to Turkey,” he said. “The Government has pledged its support and last weekend’s successful rally was the final piece of the jigsaw which confirmed our country’s return to the FIA World Rally Championship,” he said.

The final 2018 calendar is:

1.Monte-Carlo25 – 28 January
2.Sweden15 – 18 February
3.Mexico8 – 11 March
4.France5 – 8 April
5.Argentina26 – 29 April
6.Portugal17 – 20 May
7.Italy7 – 10 June
8.Finland26 – 29 July
9.Germany16 – 19 August
10.Turkey13 – 16 September
11.Great Britain4 – 7 October
12.Spain25 – 28 October
13.Australia15 – 18 November
  • src: wrc.com
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WRC, Wales Rally GB, 2017- A Preview

In a few hours from now Wales Rally GB the 2017 edition kickstarts, probably even define and crowns the World Rally championship winners too! It is one of the historic events in the championship and has been the proving grounds for many teams, drivers, and alike. Sebastien Ogier and M-Sport have a decent, rather easy chance to claim the championship this weekend at Wales. Thierry Neuville however, has a mathematical chance of winning the championship, given the 4-timer has retirements in this and the last event at Rally Australia. Although it is possible, however, the chances are finitely slim.

M-Sport, the Cumbrian outfit fields and supports many Ford Fiesta rally cars in the championship since 2011, and has a long-standing relationship with the American car manufacturer Ford Motors. Ever since Ford pulled out of the status as Official Manufacturer entry, has been supporting M-Sport to a certain degree. But that alone wouldn’t have been sufficient to keep English team in the forefront for nearly 5 years, if not for its successful spectrum of rally cars based on the Ford Fiesta, which shows the level of expertise in their field.

Perhaps homing the reigning world champion driver who went without a drive at the end of the last year (unexpected exit of the German Auto giant’s, Volkswagen Motorsport), was ‘the master-stroke’ by Malcolm Wilson that helped the team’s chance to win the championship a lot better. Teaming up Ogier, was the Estonian driver Ott Tanak; another fast young driver that MSport recognised and nurtured very early as a prospective talent.

Tanak vs Ogier‘s fight and their ability to work together to achieve maximum numbers of victories in this season, is definitely that helped M-Sport’s position for now. However, Ott Tanak has signed up with Toyota for the next season and would end his outing for MSport in the season’s last event at Rally Australia.

Okay coming back to the event in hand, Wales Rally GB, competitive action will start from tomorrow Thursday the 26th, with SS 1 – Visit Conwy Tir Prince, although the real action begins the following day with SS2 – Myherin 1, and will culminate on Sunday the 29th, of October 2017 at SS 21 – Brenig 2 (Power Stage).


  • Fast gravel roads in remote forests. The picture-postcard scenery as British autumn offers a fantastic myriad of colours.
  • Familiar itinerary in mid and north Wales with few changes from 2016. Based around Deeside service park.
  • After a Thursday night curtain-raiser, Friday’s opening leg includes classic Myherin, Sweet Lamb and Hafren stages. All are driven twice, with just a pause for fresh tyres splitting the passes.
  • A marathon 17-hour Saturday includes a double loop of stages in Dyfi and Gartheiniog before two-night tests close the action.
  • The final leg is the most northerly, with the picturesque Brenig again forming the final Live-TV Power Stage.


  • Tree-lined forest tracks are not technically difficult but are treacherous in muddy conditions.
  • Unpredictable weather can bring, rain, ice and fog.
  • Inconsistent and ever-changing grip as isolated patches of mud or ice can trap the unwary.
  • Logs piled high close to the edge of roads must be avoided at all costs.

Car spec

  • Gravel suspension.
  • Soft compound tyres essential in cold, wet conditions.
  • Studded tyres are banned – even in extreme winter conditions.


START DATE:26.10.2017
END DATE:29.10.2017
STAGES:20 (306,98 KM)
DISTANCE:1.470,35 KM

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