Toyota to debut Rallying in India, INRC

It almost looks like Coffee Day India Rally has set their ground for Toyota to debut its rallying history in India. Toyota’s venturing into the motorsports in India begun around 2012, under their historical motorsport brand-horse name TRD (in short for Toyota Racing Development), with the support of Red Rooster Performance that was based in Bengaluru, India at that time. After a few years into one make racing, their debut into rallying has reportedly set the stages at the final round of APRC 2017, India Rally a week away from now.

After Toyota’s making a comeback into WRC with 18 years of pause under the new brand-name, Toyota Gazoo Racing looks certainly promising to the Indian counterpart to do well and get established. Although their entries were revealed for the rally unofficially, the crew tackling the stages are Japanese at the moment and any further rallies aren’t promised nor declared officially by Toyota.

We are sure with Toyota’s committed entry into rallying will rekindle the interest for Volkswagen India, who had successfully developed their Polo Group N & Polo R2 (APRC/India spec) rally cars. It can definitely be noted by their support to the privateers over the years, and could make a comeback at full-swing to the battle forward in the future rallies/seasons.

Toyota’s Etios is definitely a strong & reliable car, with 1.5-litre high-revving petrol engine and can give the Polo’s their run for the money! However the billion rupee question is, will they!? We hope they will!

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