FIA APRC Champ, Gaurav Gill wins India Rally


Gaurav Gill wins Coffee Day India Rally with a super comfortable lead of 17 mins and 38.4seconds, to the second placed, team-mate Ole Christian Veiby. Gill’s lead came in early, soon after the first specials of the event. Veiby seemed to have struggled from the first few stages of yesterday but recovered quickly to regain back the runner-up spot, from P.G.Abhilash.

With this victory, defending champion GG also secured his 3rd FIA APRC driver’s title. Abhilash finishes at the final spot on the podium, who was in the┬ásecond rank at the beginning of the final leg. The Kiwi, Mike Young driving VW Polo R2 retired again soon after the penultimate stage of the day.

Pos CNo Driver/CoDriver Group SSTotal Penalty Total Diff.Next Diff.First
1 1 Gaurav Gill/ Stephane Prevot RC2-R5 03:20:19.8 00:00:00.0 03:20:19.8 00:00:00.0 00:00:00.0
2 2 Ole Christian Veiby/ Stig SKJARMOEN RC2-R5 03:37:28.2 00:00:30.0 03:37:58.2 00:17:38.4 00:17:38.4
3 3 Abhilash P G/ Srikanth Gowda RC2-NR4 03:42:36.4 00:00:00.0 03:42:36.4 00:04:38.2 00:22:16.6
4 5 Sharfaz Junaid/ Akhry Ameer ASN 04:10:07.4 00:00:10.0 04:10:17.4 00:27:41.0 00:49:57.6
5 6 Sumit Panjabi/ Nitin Jacob ASN 04:21:22.6 00:00:40.0 04:22:02.6 00:11:45.2 01:01:42.8
4 Mike Young/ Malcolm Read ASN 01:42:35.6 00:00:00.0 01:42:35.6



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