Volkswagen Motorsport to Challenge Pikes Peak in 2018

Volkswagen Motorsport to Challenge Pikes Peak in 2018
Volkswagen Motorsport to Challenge Pikes Peak in 2018

Volkswagen Motorsport very recently announced its intent to challenge the Pikes Peak in 2018. With hash-tags #UnfinishedBusiness #ChallengeReloaded, the automotive giant seems to have been working on the mission at hand rigorously. Finishing at 4,301 meters above sea-level, PPIHC’s fastest climb record has been so far been set by the 9-time WRC champion driver Sebastien Loeb in the Peugeot 208 875HP monster specially built for the task with a time of 8 minutes 13.878 seconds.

Racing on the Pikes Peak first gained traction in as early as 1916, although PPIHC as we know it now, only gained international fame during early 1980’s. It was the victory of some famous personalities from the World Rally Championship, such as Michele MoutonWalter Rohrl,  both in an Audio Quattro and Ari Vatanen in a Peugeot 405 T16 who created new records . Japanese race car driver Nobuhiro Tajima (popularly known as Monster Tajima) has been successful in Suzuki for six years in a row from 2006 till 2011, and twice before in 1992, and 1995.

Claim of being the world’s highest hill-climb, Pikes Peak International Hill-Climb or in short PPIHC is definitely a show stopper of its own kind. Although the world’s highest endurance race happens in one of the toughest environments, among the world highest motorable passes on the Himalayan region which sometimes can exceed 5,000 meters at times. #RaidDeHimalaya is the name of that event, and it is a completely different topic to be published!


VW hasn’t disclosed the car nor the driver, and the short couple of tweets was just a heads-up for the things that are going to unravel in the near future. For the 2018 edition dated on 24th June 2018 will definitely be a long wait, yet worth it!

Will the Peugeot & Loeb’s joint record be rewritten, next year? Only time can tell!

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