Volkswagen Reveals 2017 Polo R WRC

Volkswagen has finally revealed an official teaser into the new era of WRC regulation. The picture may not reveal much detail but visually the car looks spectacular with some aggressive looks. But these changes are only cosmetic, real things are hidden under the hood.

Technically 2017 cars will produce more power thats 380bhp. Car will be lighter and more wider with some aerodynamic upgrades. Precisely 50 millimeter wider and 25 kilograms lighter coming to Polo R WRC. The increase in power is achieved by widening the turbo air restrictor from 33mm to 36mm. 

Further adding to the list of upgrades electronic center differential will be used for transmission of power. Large rear wing and wide front spoiler will be used to make the car more stable. The minimum length of the car is 3900 millimeters and weight is reduced to 1,175 kilograms.

The recent tests by Volkswagen is done on current spec machine but using 2017 aerodynamic upgrades. So the 2017 car will look more lower, wider and aggressive.

Citroen has already began testing their 2017 weapon thats C3 WRC last weekend at Satory, Paris. More news on that will follow as its updated,

So the new regulation reminds us of the infamous Group B era. But there are also lots of critics to this change in regulation. Will it be successful only time will tell. Until then Happy Rallying! 

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