MOLLY TAYLOR - Before Sata Rally ACORES | European Rally Championship - 2013


1- How would You describe yourself and your rallying career so far?

I would describe myself as a competitive and determined person. I began competing in Australia in 2005 before moving to the UK in 2009 to compete in the British Rally Championship. From there my rally career has been a bit of a whirlwind, winning a Pirelli Star Driver scholarship in 2011 and now working with United Business from 2012. Rallying is my whole life and I enjoy the challenge and working hard to reach my goals.

2- How was your 2012 season?

2012 was a crucial year for me, establishing a partnership with United Business and setting a solid foundation for our 2013 season. Although we only competed in a limited program of events, it was an opportunity to gain experience with the Citroen DS3 R3T and benchmark ourselves against some of the top young 2WD drivers to show what we are capable of.

3- How important is it to have a management company behind You? Why/how did You choose yours, and in which way(s) does it assist?

My goal is to be a professional driver and to do this successfully it is important to have the support of a professional management company. United Business took a chance with me last year and it's exciting to be able to work and grow with a team who believes in you. To be able to look at my career from a more strategic perspective and having the resources behind me to be able to work towards a long term plan is a key part to realising my goals.

4- What lays behind the choice of the ERC in 2013? Do you know any of the events/opponents and what do You expect from this year?

The ERC was the logical step for us. There is a great mix of events providing a real challenge for any young driver wanting to learn and improve. Ypres is the only event I have done before so this year will be about getting experience and I am looking forward to stepping up and continuing to improve. The media coverage the Championship receives from Eurosport was also an important consideration, enabling us to provide a valuable return to our partners and build my profile for the future.

5- How are You preparing for the new season?

I spent 4 months back in Australia over the Australian summer where I was able to work at a rally school and compete in a few small track days to get some extra time behind the wheel. I have also been doing a lot of fitness training. I am now back in Europe spending time in the teams' workshop with the car in the lead up to the Acores to further my knowledge.

6- Can You tell us something about your car?

This year I will be competing in the Citroen DS3 R3T. It really is a great package for any young driver. Despite only being 2WD, the handling is very impressive, especially on the higher speed roads, it's a nice feeling to drive! The flexibility in the set up is also a great point, allowing me to learn more about car set up and how to work with this to get the most out of yourself and the car.

7- How would You describe your codriver?

Seb is one of the most organised and professional people I know. We have been competing together for almost 2 years now and have worked on and developed our notes together as a team, which is so important. He also has an incredible memory, on one event we had to stop for a flat tyre in a stage and when we got going again he called the next few corners just off his memory before he needed to look at the pacenote book!

8- What is your best rallying souvenir?

I'm not sure if its my best, but my favourite would probably be a power steering belt which came off a little car I was rallying in Australia about 7 years ago. It was at a small grass autocross event and we were going well before the belt came off halfway through one of the runs. It was a tight course and very muddy, the steering was so heavy I was having to use the handbrake to turn. For some reason I kept it as a memento and its been hanging in my room ever since, so I've become a bit sentimental to it.

9. If you could choose any event and any rally car to do it in, what would you pick and why?

I would have loved to do the Safari Rally in a WRC Focus. I think it would just be the most incredible adventure.

10- What are your goals for this year and for the future?

My aim for this year is to be at the top of the ERC 2WD and Ladies Championships. My goal is to become a professional rally driver and working with United Business is enabling me to realise this sooner than I thought possible. Ultimately our aim is to continue to work with United Business to reach the top at the outright level.

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Alessandro Perico and Fabrizio Carrara WINS - Rally 1000 MIGLIA, 2013


Perico - Carrara 1st overall in the 37th Rally 1000 Miglia, the second round of the 2013 Italian Rally Championship. Sunday morning with two stages before the end the advantage was of only 20", but showing great maturity Perico held a fast and steady pace to claim the victory; the last two stages reflect the behaviour during the race of the new leader of the Italian Rally Championship, as well as during the previous two days, he made no mistakes and always evaluated the risks he could take without ever exaggerating, this conduct forced his opponents to push to the limit to try to match his  "steamroller" pace, and in turn they made mistakes which allowed Perico a well deserved victory. Before the race, he had said “There is no point in hiding, I am here to try to win”, he tried and did it, goal reached!

Perico took his second overall victory in a round of the Italian Rally Championship: the first was at the Sanremo Rally, now at 1000 Miglia; Two victories in two rallies which by tradition, prestige and history are in the Olympus of world rallying, two wins of great prestige, "We believed in it from the  day before, I came to 1000 Miglia to win, I never hid my goal" - said Perico on the podium in Brescia - we did it, and I say we, because Pa Racing gave me a perfect car, Pirelli provided tyres which performed very well as usual, Terenzio Testoni, manager of Pirelli, gave me constant support in terms of advice and tyre choice. Fabrizio and I have raced with extreme lucidity and we believe we have shown that we can compete at the highest levels, this victory is not only ours but also belongs to Pa Racing, Pirelli, United Business and all my advertising partners, beginning with Offshore Limited, to them all I dedicate the victory and I send my thanks".

With this victory, coupled with second place in Ciocco, Perico has jumped in the lead of the 2013 Italian Championship with 27 points, five more than his closest rival. As previously announced, even after this wonderful and prestigious victory, the participation of the United Business driver in the next events of the championship is not yet confirmed: Perico's professional commitments, the confirmation of the support of some advertising partners and the possibility to contest some events abroad, do not allow currently to have any certainty about the continuation of the 2013 Italian Rally Championship for the winner of the 2013 Rally 1000 Miglia.

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Sebastien Ogier plays Hattrick @ Rally de Portugal | WRC - 2013

Sebastien Ogier displays his dominance over the rest of the competition, of what potential he's got! It might not have been the same if Mads Ostberg & Dani Sordo had not crashed, but he survived on top to prove his talent when his peers succumbed.

Mikko Hirvonen finishing the rally in 2nd position
Things were different for his team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala, when his car in the first two stages were nearly a disaster and who lost more than 4 minutes and slipping to 3rd overall when his car lost the rear-wheel drive rendering it into a FWD only mode. However in the mid-day service it was fixed and was fast enough to secure his, now 3rd overall and to finish their first podium in the new team with the extra bonus point from 3rd quickest time in Power Stage. Ogier too had issues with the clutch, but endured the machine to the mid-day service to have it too fixed. He won the only important stage, the Power Stage to take those extra 3 bonus points.

Dennis Kuipers back in action
Mads Ostberg showed his talents by winning the first 3 stages of the day, and second fastest in the Power Stage to add 2 points to his championship score, and two more for finishing the rally in 8th overall. Despite of starting early in 3rd position, while the top players enjoyed a cleaner and later grid positions.

Citroen driver Mikko Hirvonen finished the rally in 2nd overall and was the least discussed competitor. Maybe his consistent is just too good to be fiddled with, or he is slowing loosing his pace. Hope it is not the latter.

So that's it for this weekend action at Rally Portugal, see you soon at Philips LED Rally Argentina. Just for a reminder, Sebastien Loeb will be back in action here!

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