Grande Seb.Loeb Wins His Last Outing On Gravel - Rally Argentina, 2013

In a final stand off between the two Frenchmen, it was the veteran who snatched the win!

Sebastien Loeb would be both nostalgic and happy with his last outing [on gravel] in his decade long career into the sport. He took to the top step on the podium today at Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba - Argentina.

The day opened with the SS11, Mina Clavero - Giulio Cesare [22.64km] stage, in which both the Sebs decided to 'Keep Calm and Rally On' mode in practice and were more interested in keeping their positions intact rather than risking it to the distant low-runners. Similar strategy involved in the second stage, the pre-run of the Power Stage - SS14, El Condor-Copina, [16.32km].

However, Jari-Matti Latvala went into a stage winning frenzy to claim all the stages of the day, including the Power Stage. Laudable performance by the younger Finn.

Sebastien Ogier who was into careful and no-nonsense driving since morning, opened up for the extra points which were at disposal and took away the two points in his second place finish. Mikko Hirvonen followed and managed with the final single point for being third quickest. Senior Loeb kept his lead and took the overall victory.

Top 10 - Final Results

1.1S. LOEB4:35:
2.8S. OGIER4:36:51.7+55.0+55.0
3.7J. LATVALA4:37:57.5+1:05.8+2:00.8
4.5E. NOVIKOV4:38:33.4+35.9+2:36.7
5.11T. NEUVILLE4:40:37.2+2:03.8+4:40.5
6.2M. HIRVONEN4:42:20.6+1:43.4+6:23.9
7.4M. OSTBERG4:46:58.9+4:38.3+11:02.2
9.10D. SORDO4:49:19.0+0.2+13:22.3
10.21M. PROKOP4:50:04.3+45.3+14:07.6

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