Ogier still keeps his lead, Loeb at +26.9s | Rally Sweden - 2013, Day 2

Ogier still keeps his lead, Loeb at +26.9s | Rally Sweden - 2013, Day 2

Sebastien Ogier maintains lead, at SS16
At the end of SS 16, Sebastien Ogier is showing his eagerness to keep his position over Loeb and maintains a good 26.9s lead. Loeb seems to be not in a hurry to push or being pushed as he is atleast 30+s lead from down under and probably waiting for the final day to yield the result he needs.

Rolled Qatar M-Sport Fiesta by Mathew Wilson
Jari Matti-Latvala keeps his cool and his car on the road without any issues, while not worrying of the slip to 4th overall by a tiny 6.1s to the Norwegian, Qatar Fiesta driver Mads Ostberg, who now settles in third position at the end of the day.

Celebrating the win - Solberg couple
In the down order, it was Mathew Wilson who went under serious scrutiny by the rally critics as he rolled the Qatari's car on being a guest driver [since Nasser had called in sick just before the start of the rally].

In the historic class, Petter Solberg with his wife/codriver Pernilla Solberg won the Rally by nearly 2 minutes in their Ford Escort Mk2 rally car.

Second Day,  top 5 result.

| Sebastien Ogier / Julien Ingrassia  | 2:18:22.8
Volkswagen Polo R WRC

| Sebastien Loeb / Daniel Elena        | 2:18:49.7 | +0:26.9
Citroen DS3 WRC

http://www.autorally.lv/img/flags/NOR.png| Mads Ostberg / Jonas Andersson   | 2:19:20.5 | +0:57.7
Ford Fiesta RS WRC

| Jari Matti-Latvala / Miika Anttila     | 2:19:26.6 | +1:03.8
Volkswagen Polo R WRC

http://www.autorally.lv/img/flags/RUS.png| Evgeny Novikov / Ilka Minor            | 2:20:06.3 +1:43.5
Ford Fiesta RS WRC

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