K1000 - 2012 | Recce Report.. [2]


Markers notation:

Green Dot marker. Stage Start
Red Dot marker. Stage Finish
Pink Dot marker. Service Park

marker B. SS2. Flying finish [village] 
marker C. Saddahalli
marker D. Palicherlu
marker E. Dogaranayakanahalli
Orange track. Possible spectator routes on gravel roads,
Yellow & Pink transport section to SS

Distance between markers
A to B = 1.5kms
B to C = 0.9kms
C to D = 3.5kms
D to E = 5.0kms

A to 1 = 2.6kms
1 to 2 = 1.8kms
2 to 3 = 1.2kms
3 to 3a = 0.5kms

GPS Coordinates of  Point A  : Lat=13.4630765 & Lon=77.860989
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K1000 - 2012 | Recce Report.. [1]

Recce went really smooth at the three stages, Blackberry, Clay & Blueberry. Service area all ready with just tents that were being pitched during noon. We did a recce of all the three stages & was really thrilled how fantastic it really was!!

Unfortunately, we didn't stop to take any pics enroute, as we were busy in checking the vantage points and mapping the stage to help spectators to make it to the vital points. We are not promising anything big, but are giving it a honest try to make our best & hope it really serves the point. The spectator guides will be published soon, but its a the onus of the user to check it at its best. we will be marking some sure shot points, which are easy to reach and tried and tested last year by us, but the rest will might not be at par.

Coming back to the stage[s] report, all the stages are pretty smooth with some undulations and very few jumps.

Blackberry SS :

Pros : Stage start and some sections of the stage are very much approachable with very little trek to watch the action, but it is mostly straights with some 90° turns at the first 1/3 of the route. [This will be marked on the vantage points Recce report which will be published soon with google maps & coordinates.] 

Cons: But you may have to do a trek or some small time offroad drive to get to see actions in some faster corners, hence may waste some time to get to the powerstage of the rally, i.e., Blueberry [SS9].

Clay SS :

Pros : Stage finish & about 2kms to the end is really neat with lots of safer spectators spots, but it takes a hike to get there. [Again the coordinates, route will be disclosed in the next report.]

Cons : Stage start is not accessible as it the approach will be blocked atleast a 'kilometer and a half', as the road to get there is narrow and it will definitely block the competitors cars if you try to get there by own transport.

Blueberry SS :

Pros : This is can be definitely for those who dont want to run about and just want to see some good action for a lots of sections of the stage, though at a distance [perhaps a binocular or some distant vision gadgets will help] but a definitely not a misser. It has some approaches that are close to public road sections which are just a few steps away. [Coordinates and details will be shared soon in next report].

Cons : As this is the 3rd / 6th / 9th SS of the rally, expect a lots of retirements in the previous stages and lesser competition to be spectated, but it is really an awesome stage for photo/videographers to shoot along with friends and family.

Whichever might be your choice of stage, weather condition, or other for matter below are the listed must have's.
  1. Umbrella - Expect the stages to be either Sunny / Rainy and hardly any trees to take shelter.
  2. Drinking Water - almost deserted stages
  3. Snacks/Food - almost deserted stages
  4. Good pair of shoes & denim wear [preferrably] - expect slippery gravel tracks and thorny bushes along.
  5. If being there for the first time, then a print out of the maps [that will be posted in the next report soon here]
Optionals :
  1. A GPS device/phone with GPRS connectivity will certainly help.. BSNL should have good coverage, if not others.
  2. Camera for good pics/videos
  3. Foldable lightweight Chairs & Umbrella for enjoyable time there..
Advisory tips :
  • The third stage is mostly in forest department jurisdiction, so better take care for no open fires & avoid smoking as there may be a chance of forest fire.
  • Small time wild animals were noticed in 2010 edition, like small wild boars, so better take of children & weaker, if they are accompanied to spectate.
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FMSCI - INRC - K1000 Rally | 2011 - A Review

Countdown clock is ticking! The first round of the FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship is going live this weekend. The rally happens to be around the just after the auspicious Lord Ganesha festival, which almost every Indian consider it as a good omen to begin with a new start, or even just re-start. Until last season, the competition looked nice, but with the new regulations it looks very exciting and confusing about how the event would unfold in the competition grounds.

If you people don't like to guess or worry about it and can't wait for the piece of action soon, then here is just the video for you people to savour just before the event begins. This is the previous season's competition on almost the same stages for this year.

This year's action is coming soon just beyond this weekend, just brace up for it here and in the event specific channel.

So with the objective set of this perfect weekend.. we suggest that you folks stay hooked to this channel for more updates!!
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APRC, IRC & WRC | Triple International Rallies | Final Report

APRC round of Rally Hokkaido, the fifth round in the championship was all too dramatic, with the top teams completely out of the podium chase as all the cars battling out lost early on final day stages. It was Proton Motorsport's ace driver McRae who retired first with heating engine issues of his Satria S2000, then his team-mate the new recruit Juha Salo who retired from his 3rd overall place, he had thought that he was the leader when he saw Gill retired. But he too retired after he hit a culvert and ripped off a wheel from his Proton Satria S2000.  

But it was the shocker from the lone car from Team MRF who was leading the rally, driven by Indian driver Gaurav Gill who too retired after 3 morning stages when the clutch of his Skoda Fabia S2000 broke at the start line of SS15.

Dramatically the win was handed over to Japanese Yuya Sumiyama with the trophy, while the New Caledonian Daniel Palau took second place, but the third was taken by ex-PWRC Champion Karamjit Singh in a Proton Satria R2, a FWD car!

_ ______ __________________ _ __________________ ______ _ 

In the IRC scenario, out of the 36 cars only 14 cars made it to the finish with 22 retirements in the entire rally. Yagiz Avci of Turkey won the event with a comfortable 3minutes lead of the closest rival.

Here is a clip of the top 3..

The Ukrainian challenge!

_ ______ __________________ _ __________________ ______ _

In what it took nearly a 8 rallies gap for the blue oval to finally clinch the top podium position, finally yielded at Wales for JM Latvala donning the top and Petter Solberg with the final position, Loeb being the filler in between at second.

In the powerstage, Mikko Hirvonen claimed the maximum while Sebastien Loeb took 2 and Latvala the last one additional points to his championship points kitty bag.

The final frontier - Wales Rally GB

Here is what Citroen had to say about the Ford threw at them this weekend at Wales.

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IRC - 2012 | Prime Yalta Rally, Ukraine - Update [Day 1]

Wales Rally of the WRC round might have overshadowed this exciting rally of the IRC series for this year, but has never failed to appeal to its fans & followers. The top level competition may not be competing in this round for obvious reasons and might have left a vacuum in the competition, but the event has managed to keep its humour in the best like in the past.

Ukrainian Protasov has maintained his lead in the Superior Fiesta RRC car ahead of Turkey's Avci & iVizin.

Here is the top five finishes at the end of Leg 1, with another six stages to go for the final day.

Diff. pr.
Protasov Y. - Nesvit K.
#1 Ford Fiesta RRC
Avci Y. - Gücenmez B.
#2 Ford Fiesta S2000
3.Vizin L. - Zsiros G.
#5 Škoda Fabia S2000
Consani R. - Klinger N.
#11 Renault Megane RS
Cosma V. - Dorca F.
#28 Citroen C2 R2 Max

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Leg 2 - WRC 2012, Wales Rally GB | Latvala extends Lead..

In an epic battle to the top of the podium, after a very long time Ford boys and Ford themselves seems to have cracked the spot.. Latvala and Solberg have stuck to the first & second position and have managed to have kept the long time champ at an arms length. Loeb is not far behind Solberg with just over 6secs and has the potential to overcome the final terms, however, Petter has his share of last minute mishaps in his kitty bag. Hope he manages to keep it the way it is, till the end which he always desires to. Loeb doesn't look too keen to go for the hunt as he knows that keeping the cool is it what it makes a champion & he is bloody sure how it has to be done, I guess & also pretty sure he does!! His team-mate Mikko Hirvonen is down in 5th & still seems like he is learning the car rather than competitive. Mads Ostberg is on 4th, being on the privateer is really great thing to do.

The day ending looked much like this on the scoreboard.

Overall Results at the End of Leg 2 [SS13]

1.3J. LATVALAM2:18:
2.4P. SOLBERGM2:18:29.8+24.5+24.5
3.1S. LOEBM2:18:36.2+6.4+30.9
4.10M. ØSTBERGM2:18:55.2+19.0+49.9
5.2M. HIRVONENM2:19:27.7+32.5+1:22.4

With another six stages on the final day [3], it is going to be really exciting to watch & speculate who will get to the top honours at the Welsh rally round the season. 

The best of rally live, by Michelin!

Day 2 - Official Broadcast Video

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APRC | Rally Hokkaido | 2012 | Day 1 - Update

Indian driver & Team MRF Tyres driver Gaurav Gill Leads ahead of the pack with a comfortable 53.6s ahead of the nearest rival & more than two minutes ahead of the championship contender Alister McRae.  
Gaurav has maintained the lead from the first special stage till the end of the End Leg and has continuously improved on his position since then. Being alone with no other driver to lead in the team looks like, has certainly gave him a leverage to this position.

Driver  Vehicle
Time Diff Ldr

Toshi ARAI

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All-time Top 5 +NEWS