Day 1 - Update | Wales Rally GB - 2012 | JM Latvala Leads

In a thrilling battle for the ace place, Ford boys were at home! Initial two stages it was the veteran Ford driver, Petter Solberg who was upfront on the charts. On the third stage, he dropped to third overall and Latvala who was close behind and sliced nearly 5 seconds ahead of the second fastest, only guy to make it under 16m mark, which he kept on increasing the gap with remaining stages under wraps down the others.

It was a healthy 12.1s up the second placed Petter and nearly 21seconds the championship leader. 'But you never know', with two more days and 11 more stages, 'Anything can happen'!

Below is the awesome action of Day 1 highlights video by Michelin - Best of Rally Live!

Day 1 | Top 5, Overall Standings

Lead# Comp#Driver
Diff to Leader
1. 3Jari-Matti LATVALA1:25:05.70.0
2. 4Petter SOLBERG
3. 1Sebastien LOEB
4. 10Mads ØSTBERG
5. 2Mikko HIRVONEN

Complete Day 1 Action from the Official Broadcast!

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Wales Rally GB - 2012, WRC : Free Practice & Qualification

Welcome to the most exciting round of the WRC season, Wales Rally GB. Welsh forest roads witnessed the daunting spectacular action by the WRC cars this Wednesday.

In the qualification stage, Sebastien Loeb clocked the fastest time to the entire lot & got the opportunity to choose his best start position for today's tests. Petter Solberg was almost there with just a few milliseconds down the 8-time champ & Mikko Hirvonen was third fastest of the lot.

The dry conditions of the free practice & qualification gave the drivers their full confidence, which really showed in their flamboyant driving displayed by all the top drivers to clock the minimal time. Estonian Ott Tanak took a particular corner to the next level, while almost loosing the road and escaped from a mishap just by a whisker! Proton Motorsports also have their attack on two S2000 Proton Satria's, in different championships this year on the same weekend, ie., here in Wales for WRC, and in Rally Hokkaido for APRC championships.

It has split its base two car/crew Alistar McRae & P.G.Andersson with each of their core crews in either of the events, with new recruits for the weekend one each for the different events. Tom Cave would be on the second car in Wales Rally & Finn Juha Salo would be on the other car for the APRC event. The young Welsh based driver Tom it is a great opportunity for the young in his early 20's.

An excellent video of the Recce by NLP.

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Day 0 : 

Here are some jaw-dropping videos from the Qualification stage.

Citroen Racing's video:

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Wales Rally GB : Recce Begins!

The reconnaissance or simply recce begins for the Wales Rally GB for the weekend. Its going to be muddy and interesting... only if it rains!! But since the rally is moved up before the rains settle, it may not be so dramatic in this season, compared to last year's rally.

The rally stages are lined up on the forest roads that are rich in flora and fauna and will be as scenic as it used to be in the past. Also, there is a notification by the organisers about the fatal tree disease that is on the rampant in the forest and some special care has to be taken care of it spreading beyond the contained area. The disease is said to have not affecting people and animals, but is really threatening to the fauna.

Hence, as a precautionary measures, the rally organisers have notified that the cars or vehicles used to get to and from there has to be washed thoroughly as soon as possible, and also if possible in the immediate exit of the forests. Same goes to the clothes worn by the folks been there, also their pets and stuff they carried along and back. 

All these beautiful photos are taken by McKlein photography. As we can see, the stages are mostly bone dry, maybe a bit of damp patches below the trees and near the streams otherwise it is bone stock dry!

McKlein team have done their recce previously to the competitors to identify the locations to do their job, which they do at its best! i.e., Photography!

Here is the location at which Micheal 'Beef' Park had his last few minutes in the fatal collision against a tree. Later, fans and his close ones have put up a memorial plaque on this very same tree in his memory.

[All pictures courtesy McKlein]

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Here is also a video of the 20yr old Tom Cave, who would be driving for Proton Motorsports, in the Proton Satria S2000 interviewed by Colin for NLP.

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Hamilton blazes to top honors at Italian GP - F1 2012

In the F1 circuits, Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix after both strongly placed, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel retired. Sergio Perez made an outstanding effort by climbing up from 12th on the grid to finish second just 4.3s behind the leader, while Fernando Alonso finished third after starting from 10th but couldn't stop Perez who passed him seven laps from the end of the race.

Felipe Massa finished fourth in his Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen managed a finish with fifth who is also the title contender this season.

With this win, Lewis second in the championship has just one point advantage ahead of Kimi and two to the last two season champion Vettel, whereas the championship leader at the moment Alonso has an healthy 37 points ahead of Hamilton. With another seven rounds to go this season with 175 points up for grabs, it will be too early to come to predict that who would be picking up the big trophy.

The next round is the Singapore GP between 21-23 September.

[pictures courtesy]
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Kehala RalliSprint - 2012

Now I assume that most of you are aware of the Rally Sprint, which normally is a single day, single stage rally organised by the enthusiastic Rally Community, who hardly find time to attend a week long event. RallySprint is the answer to such folks.

Here is one such RalliSprint organised at Estonia where the competitors go crazy at one tricky, yet fast corner over blind crest and ends up with a pile of crashed cars. Fortunately nothing serious, expect a dented car just fun time and really enjoying fans around, If that was not enough, there is also a truck with external roll cage which goes sideways, barely making on the road. Enjoy the short and sweet little video.

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Le Mans 24 Hours 2012 - Moto

If you people had thought the LeMans which we witnessed a few weeks ago was the tough, just give it another thought as the same is back with 2 wheels. Yes it is the Moto LeMans 2012 live at the moment, with just about an hour and half to the finish.

French Gregory Leblanc on his Kawasaki is the current leader, closely followed by another French Anthony Delhalle riding a Suzuki, and Germany's Sebastien Gimbert onboard BMW is on the third

Live Video Streaming below..

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