IRC – 2012 | Mabanol Rally Sliven, Bulgaria | Round 11

Coming weekend, it is time for the 11th round of the IRC series, 2012 season’s Mabanol Sliven Rally, Bulgaria.This time was no conflicts of dates with this rally, yet the top teams’ are missing from the action. It is quite natural feeling for any manufacturer to stay away from the competition after it has nearly […]

K1000 – 2012 | Recce Report.. [2]

  Markers notation: Green Dot marker. Stage Start Red Dot marker. Stage Finish Pink Dot marker. Service Park marker B. SS2. Flying finish [village]  marker C. Saddahallimarker D. Palicherlu marker E. Dogaranayakanahalli Orange track. Possible spectator routes on gravel roads,Yellow & Pink transport section to SS Distance between markersPink:A to B = 1.5kmsB to C […]

K1000 – 2012 | Recce Report.. [1]

Recce went really smooth at the three stages, Blackberry, Clay & Blueberry. Service area all ready with just tents that were being pitched during noon. We did a recce of all the three stages & was really thrilled how fantastic it really was!! Unfortunately, we didn’t stop to take any pics enroute, as we were […]