INRC 2011, Round 4, K 1000 Rally of Bangalore - 19 to 21st August

The most awaited rally of all the rounds of Indian National Rally Championship is perhaps the Karnataka 1000 Rally or simply K1000 Rally!

It was much anticipated to be slushy due to the really good monsoon this year of the recent few years from now, but it turned out to be more worse than what we did anticipate.

The organisers had a tough time along with the competitors tackling the issues with the worse hit sections of the slushy stages. Here is a video of one of the sections of stage 1,

The stages were a nightmare to the rally contenders as well as to the organising committee. Anyways there was a good repairing activities were executed & the stages were really good for the rally :)

Here is a video of the Day 1, Stage 1..

Stages went well for the day, but it proved to be a rally of attritions.. More than 10 cars retired, anyways it was good for the few chosen by the rally gods. Below is the Stage 5 video,

It was late for us to reach the Day 2 stages, and had to miss the first two stages o the day, and guess what! The third and last stage for the day was cancelled due to heavy rain the night before. Had to satisfy with the view of the Service Park video here..

Well I did have a stint in the car I was driving, Maruti Zen! ;)

Well I personally not a fan of SSS, especially organised in India. I don't like the way it is put up, surely not a people friendly one! But the video is here exclusively for you guys...

Well thats it guys for this round.. have the individual video clipping of the competitors, who need it can comment/reply to this post!

Next event / round 5 is the Coffee Day Rally, in Chikmagalur between 18-20 of November of 2011.. watch this space for exclusive coverage ;)

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