Off Road Race 2010 - organised by FAST LANE RACING CLUB in asociation with M S C K

Ok guys, I think I had missed this out in the calender announcement in advance.

This event happened off Vidyanagar Cross, on Devanahalli Airport Road, in Namma Bengaluru.

It was exclusively for 4 wheelers on a dirt track of total circuit distance around 1.3kms.

Have a few videos, will upload & link it here by tonight/tomorrow. This time I am thinking of doing some video/audio mixing for better presentation & viewer experience, so may take a little while to upload all the videos/photos. Actually I do not have entire event's video as the battery died early. Forgot to carry the charger!

For still photos please visit:

For now enjoy the podcasts:

Official inauguration by cutting the tape by Chief Guest Mr.Ashok

At Parc Ferme

Inaugural addressing of participants by MLA Mr Krishna Byregowda

Official Flag-off by Mr. Krishna Byregowda (MLA of Bangalore North)

The Trophies!

The Local Hero in action! This guy actually won the Diesel class First place!!

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