WRC, R-GT Class | Excitement, Brought To You By FIA!

Francois Delecour driving Porsche 997 GT3, RMC 2015
WRC 2015, has seen a lot of changes in cars and also driver lineup. But one new feature induced in the Championship went rather quietly!. 

Yes, its the R-GT class introduced by FIA as RGT Cup which will run across Europe in WRC and ERC rounds. Last year Tuthill Porsche has already shown glimpses of action running a Porsche 911 RGT and completing Rallye Deutschland. Thats almost after 28 years a Porsche completing a WRC rally!

Now going a little back into the history, RGT class was first introduced in 2011. Technically this class is for series production GT cars. The car must be a two wheel drive only. Lotus came up with the Exige R-GT. It was debuted in 2012 Geko Ypres rally. But after that it all went quiet again.

Lotus Exige R-GT

Tuthill Porsche at Rallye Deutschland
Then in 2014 Tuthill Porsche built Porsche 911 RGT on a 997 circuit racing platform. The car was stripped down and transformed into a rally racing machine. In the process getting the power down from 450bhp to 320bhp to comply with the RGT regulation.

Car made its first appearance in Harry Flatters Rally 2014 running as a course car. Then again the car burnt some rubber in WRC Germany this time as a competitive car. Then this year FIA came up with this brilliant idea of having a RGT Cup! A five round championship which will be run on WRC and ERC tarmac rounds. 

The 2015 RGT Cup Calendar (accurate ERC event dates yet to be confirmed);
  1. Rallye Monte Carlo (22nd-25th January, WRC) 
  2. Geko Ypres Rally (late June, ERC) 
  3. Rallye Deutschland (20th-23rd August, WRC) 
  4. Rallye du Valais (late October, ERC) 
  5. Tour de Corse (early November, ERC)

In the making....
Finally into this...

To give a boost to this, in Finland a Aston Martin Vantage RGT rally car appeared on recently concluded Arctic Lapland Rally. Makela Auto-Tuning is responsible for this madness! They stripped down a 2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 into a rally beast! Adding to it FIA has also given its approval for the RGT class. Sweet isn't it! Seeing a V8 rear wheel drive roaring through the rally stages. This car is likely to be seen competing in more rallies.
Aston Martin Vantage RGT

These candy-eyed cars have got a lot of interest in rally, this could be the beginning of a successful RGT championship. And of course this Excitement is brought to you by FIA!

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Toyota Announces WRC Return From Season 2017

Yaris WRC, with its elder sibling Corolla WRC

Toyota Yaris WRC - Front view
Global automotive major, Toyota has confirmed its ambitious return back to WRC from season 2017. From its newsroom release, earlier today in its Japanese website, the intention to return to top level Rallying is evident. Again its a 'win:win proposition' for the sport and automotive community(?) as a whole.

Toyota Yaris WRC - Rear view
Toyota agrees that by its WRC programme, it will help to understand, improve the level of their product line, for motorsport & finally pass it on to road going cars. A thumbs up here! The rally vehicle will be based on the "Yaris" hatchback and will be developed and tested by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG).
Toyota Yaris WRC - Side view

Yaris in its WRC outfit was seen a few times testing in European region since early 2014, although the car was de-badged during the time. Perhaps, the automotive outfit wanted to keep it under wrap until its final 'GO' word for the Yaris platform, which happened early this week.

Excerpts of Toyota's Official Press Release!

Toyota Yaris WRC - Studio
  • Toyota has started preparations for its return in 2017, judging this event to be a leading stage to promote its ever-better-cars activities.
  • Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is developing and testing the engine and vehicle, which is based on the Yaris.
  • Between 1973 and 1999 (with a temporary suspension between 1996 and 1997), Toyota won 43 WRC rallies and won the championship three times.
Vehicle Yaris WRC (length 3,910 mm; width 1,820 mm)
Engine 1.6-liter direct-injection turbo (in line with global race engine stipulations)
Tires Michelin
2015 test drivers Stéphane Sarrazin, Sebastian Lindholm, Eric Camilli

Drivers for the 2017 competition are as yet undecided.

Morizo Test Drives Toyota Yaris WRC

The Yaris WRC Story

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