Nasser Al-Attiyah wins Bronze @ London Olympics 2012

Shooting Skeet Men's Finals - Qatar Russian Fed. Highlights from the Royal Artillery Barracks at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Watch the below video of Nasser Al-Attiyah vs Valeriy Shomin battle for the Bronze Medal in the Men's Skeet Final in a dramatic shootout.

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London Olympics 2012 : New World Records [Until 31-Jul-2012]

London Olympics 2012 : Here are the new records that are created after breaking its previous ones.

In the below video, Colombian Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera broke the earlier Record in Weightlifting Men's 62kg Group A.

At South Arena 3 - London 2012 Olympic Games [31-Jul-2012]

Here in below video, Un Guk Kim of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea breaks the World Record in Weightlifting for Men's 62kg Group A.

At South Arena 3 - London 2012 Olympic Games [31-Jul-2012]

Swimming Women's 400m Individual Medley Final - New Record created by Chinese Ye Shiwen, second place by Biesel Elizabeth of USA & third by Li Zuanxu again from China.

Highlights from the Aquatics Centre at the London 2012 Olympic Games [28-Jul-2012]

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Red Bull + Mountain Bike = Flying Bikes!

Here is the much anticipated full length trailer for 'Where The Trail Ends'!

The most progressive and ambitious mountain biking ever attempted caught on film in an adventure unlike anything experienced before in breath-taking locations all over the world, brought to you all by Red Bull. 

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Neste Oil Rally Finland : WRC 2012 [Round 8]

After a mid-season break, the second and exciting half of the 2012 World Rally Championship is back on with the rally of blind crests, big jumps and fastest stages in the WRC calendar which fondly called as Finnish GP on gravel. Originally a Scandinavian's only rally winners event has seen non-Scandinavian's winning too starting with Carlos Sainz in 1990, but only a few succeded .

Welcome to Rally Finland, proudly promoted by the homeland company Neste Oil, simply put the rally is termed NORF for Neste Oil Rally Finland. The history of the event dates back to '1000 Lakes rally' as it was called then in early 1960's, where the initial rallies were held in 'stage format' racing against the clock, which was pretty close to the current WRC format.

Coming back from the brief history, the last year's winner the 8-time consecutive unbeaten World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb is the man to watch out along with the fastest Finn's Citroen WRT's & Loeb's team mate Mikko Hirvonen, who lost out the last event as he crashed on the very first stage of the NORF 2011.

His former team-mate and Ford WRT's Jari-Matti Latvala is also a serious contender and has the reputation of going flat-out, but also has equal or more share of crashes. Now Ford WRT's no1 driver Petter Solberg's Ouninpohja stage's record still holds good till-date and he too is one to watch out this weekend. With the top two works team on the listing, Prodrive Mini WRC team's Daniel Sordo is yet another non-Scandinavian  who has the potential and is back, but is absent!

Down the top 5, the Russian Evgeny Novikov has the pace, but still not the right kind of experience, however his insane jump over a crest is still doing the rounds. Thierry Neuville is young and fast on the Citroen Junior WRT, and since Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah is in the Olympics, his car is driven by invitational driver and former Subaru WRT driver Australian Chris Atkinson fondly called Atko in the Citroen DS3 WRC. 

However his speed still questionable as he has driven the current regulations car only in Rally Mexico of Monster WRT, a Ford Fiesta WRC. Norwegian Mads Ostberg will be driving his Fiesta WRC, and could be on a serious contest too. Well, there are many more privateers who have the speed, but not the luck and support of a works team. Finnish Jari Ketoma will be on the attack too, with his Ford Fiesta WRC supported by DMack Tires

Coming to the S2000 attack VW Motorsports are the VIP's here, but they too are more interested in learning curve for the development of the Polo R WRC for the next season. Proton Motorsports, another works team are there with P.G.Andersson who has the reputation and speed to make it to the top along with Alister McRae [younger brother of Colin McRae]. New Zealander Hayden Paddon has moved to another Austrian team Baumschlager Rallye & Racing who are supporting his attack and is one to watch, after his recent success in his hometurf.

WRC Academy has the top three who are doing good, but in comparision to the 2011 season, the opening of the Academy, it is not so celebrity anymore. However, with the recent happenings on the top order, .ie., the WRC itself we cannot complain more! Alastair Fisher tops with 46 points on the aggregate, followed by Elfyn Evans with 38points on the chart, closely followed by Brendan Reeves with 35points standing third overall.

Nevertheless, it is going to be one fun & watchful rally to spend this weekend without any doubt! Keep a check on the updates on our WRC channel for more updates and reports.
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London 2012 Olympic Games : [Shooting] 10m Air Rifle Men's Final

The 10m Air-rifle shooting concluded with the following results from the Royal Artillery Barracks at the London 2012 Olympic Games,

  1. Gold Medal - Alin George Moldoveanu (Romania)
  2. Silver Medal - Niccolo Campriani (Italy)
  3. Bronze Medal - Gagan Narang (India)
With just five shooting events at the inaugural 1896 Olympic Games, there are about 15 events in the Olympic programme now, which are divided into three different groups: rifle, pistol and shotgun. The rifle and pistol competitions are held on shooting ranges, where marksmen aim at targets at distances of 10, 25 and 50 metres. In the shotgun event, competitors shoot at clay targets propelled at a series of different directions and angles.

This picture [with the violet background] is of one of our WRC's top 10 driver, Nasser Al-Attiyah. Tomorrow will be his day out to put his ultimate test in this Olympics.

Also Gagan Narang became the first medal in this Olympics for India.

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Ken Block returns to WRC 2012 for the NORF

Ken Block returns to WRC 2012 for the Neste Oil Rally Finland, along with Matti Rantanen. Here is a brief testing video of his campaign along with the Finn!

The local Finn is an privateer entrant on the Ford Fiesta WRC, however its the Monster Rally Team 's Ford Fiesta WRC for the American superstar!

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Rali Vinho da Madeira : ERC 2012 - Round 7

Rally Madeira is the 7th round of ERC, organized by 'Club Sports da Madeira', the 'Rali Vinho da Madeira' debuted in 1979 as a round of FIA European Championship Rally and is also one of the top events in the Portuguese Rally Championship calendar.

What adds special charm to the island is that the competitors challenging their driving skills on spectacular asphalt stages in a classic contrast of the mountain, sea, sun, and exquisite natural beauty around the place. It is estimated, that 30,000 or more local and international motorsport fans gather in the heart of historical city of Funchal for the special opening stage. Later stages of the rally flows into the snaking mountain ranges over three exciting days of competition.

Here is a short video , what is in store from this rally!

Skoda Motorsport's Friday video!

Here is the shakedown video of the rally, by one of the top competitors Luca Betti.

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Grand Opening of London Olympics 2012

Watch the spectacular opening ceremony of the 124th edition of Olympics.

The Olympic Cauldron is lit at the Olympic Stadium for the London 2012 Olympic Games on 27th July 2012, by seven young British athletes!

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WRC 2012 : [tests] Rally Finland action

After a month or more long break, WRC teams are gearing up for the upcoming superfast & super spectacular gravel rally of the season, Neste Oil Rally Finland!

Most of the drivers and teams had finished testing a while back, but it was Ford WRC team found testing yesterday with Petter's day out in his Ford Fiesta WRC. He tested for two days at Finland, and the videos of it below.

_ ______ __________________ _ __________________ ______ _

Update : [27-July-2012] Chris Atkinson [ATKO] tests his WRC car for the next weekend in Finland! 

_ ______ __________________ _ __________________ ______ _

Update : [28-July-2012] Jari-Matti Latvala / Mikka Antilla tests Ford Fiesta WRC car for the upcoming Rally Finland!

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London : All set for Olympics [ 2012 : 124th Edition]

London Olympics is all set for a spectacular Opening Ceremony.

The live video streaming can be viewed here!

Also here on youtube
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Donegal International Rally 2012 - Irish Tarmac Rally Championship

[pictures courtesy :]

Last weekend, the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship for season 2012, Round 04 - Donegal International Rally 2012 concluded. Here below are official broadcasted video highlights of the event.

Day 1 :

Day 2 :

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2 more Motorsports Casualty : Rally Città di Lucca

It is never a good feeling on a Monday morning to report a death news or a casualty from the last weekend's tragedy.., but it is the fact that is more important. One thing is for sure! Motorsports are not for the faint-hearted who just want fun! It was such an unfortunate tragic incident that these two young racing couple couldn't get out nor could be saved by the first spotters, as the car plunged into the small and tight canal aside the road bend/corner after the driver lost control and hitting the mountain face on the outside the curve. The video says it all.

The Peugeot 207 S2000 was driven by Valerio Catelani and co-driven/navigated by Daniela Bertoneri [they were a couple], who both were consumed by the fire that broke immediately on the impact of the car hitting the mountain face and it made even the fans/onlookers impossible if not difficult to even get near the car to help the duo to evacuate as the raging inferno was so intense. They were competing in 47th Rally Città di Lucca, and it was at special stage 4, a night stage, about 3.5kms from the start, in the city Brancoli, in Italy. The accident took place after approx 2.minutes from the stage start, and could not be realised or spotted until the fire/smoke was seen. Even the following car could not spot them at that time, how tragic! By the time the rescuers reached the spot, it was too late and the fire was out of control at the first few moments and when it subsided, the accident had claimed those two lives. The couple were no new to the sport, who had 10 or more years of experience in the sport.

Our deep condolences to the family, friends, the dearest & nearest. May their souls rest in peace!

One piece of advice to the competitors: It is not the one and only competition you would be doing, so take it easy & be realistic with your and your car's capabilities. It is not deniable that motor-racing is all about speed, but speed is not all! Hope there are no more such incidents, as they make the organizers and federation to rethink every time such moments to take drastic measures, where either the events are restricted or banned..

We can also expect that the local authorities take on account of such places which could lead to such incident, even for regular commuters & not competition alone. It is going to be debate even with barriers, as it was not very long we saw Gareth loose his life to a armco barrier.. Its been too many lives gone this year in this sport, if not less.. Hoping road engineers come-out with a better solution in such tricky places.
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Rally Estonia : The WINNERS!!

Rally Estonia concludes in style!

Ford WRC team's driver Norwegian Mads Ostberg wins the rally ahead of Citroen WRT Junior team's, the Belgian Thierry Neuville takes the second spot trailing with a difference of 23+seconds to the rally leader.  Georg Gross in another Ford Fiesta WRC takes the final podium spot, however Ford Fiesta WRC's customer Martin Prokop finishes in 4th place.

In Historic class, the result was obviously the top driver of Ford WRC team's Jari-Matti Latvala who is thrilled with his win and is even more excited for his homeland's WRC round Neste Oil Rally Finland.

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Andreas Mikkelsen wins Sibiu Rally Romania [IRC Series]

Skoda Motorsports S2000 attack's ace driver Norwegian A.Mikkelsen and compatriot navigator Ola Floene wins the eight round of the IRC series of 2012 in style.

The duo started with a miniscule 3.8 seconds in the first stage of the rally and finishes the rally with a huge 5 minutes+ ahead of the seconding Patrik Flodin who was struck by a puncture on SS2 and went down to 45th overall only to regain the second at the end with 5minutes+ behind the leader. Frenchman Francois Delecour is in the third, who suffered damper failures and still managed to make it to the podium with around 11minutes+ to the leader.

More reports updated here!
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Rally Estonia 2012 : Historic Cars

In an interesting rally around Estonian countryside were some historic rally cars competiting and giving the fans hard time to digest the extra-ordinary style in which they are driven and have to be driven.

This part of the rally [historic cars] also had its own stories to tell.. It too had drama unfolding as the end-of-day rally leader, being none other than Ford WRC much celebrated driver, Finnish Jari-Matti Latvala. He is the overnight leader and the leg 2 is scheduled to start in a very few hours!

Day 1 [Latvala] : Here is the story line of the opening day of the rally in his own words.

Shakedown run on Rally Estonia

A lovely day for a drive in the country in your old banger :-)

The gearbox needs to come out :-(

Jari-Matti returns with a box of spare parts loaned by the good men of Galway

A quick conference with the team about what to do....
...and the box gets repaired.

Actually a new clutch actuator fork has been fitted.

This historic stuff is clearly more "hands-on" than we're used to :-)

Mmm, service park historic style!!

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Sibiu Rally Romania 2012 : IRC Series

The IRC series Sibiu Rally Romania 2012 is on the run, and has completed SS 01 & SS 02. SS03 is under progress & A.Mikkelsen has a comfortable lead of over a minute, and his clean run strategy is proving very promising.

Overall, it was a dry, sunny, dusty and hot day for the rally, as expected it to be! Special stage 01 was done with not much drama, other than the slippery loose surface conditions. On SS 02, however there were too many punctures reported by the competition, and it was when they were not expecting it!

More covered here!
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Nissan DeltaWing Racing Car @ Le Mans 2012

In this year's LeMans 24hr Race, we had an wonderful opportunity to see what the innovation at the automotive industry is at the extremity for the racing world. LeMans by itself is a character of its own kind, a bench mark of automotive competition, it provides a real time test bench to the competitors to test their machines against one another.

It was no less for Nissan who were way too ahead amongst others in their futuristic looking DeltaWing Racing Car, which purely and surely looks like it has emerged out of a Concept!

Deltawing was no eyesore to watch this beauty of a machine racing on the track in competition @ LeMans! The Race results too was pretty interesting at the end. However the Hybrid Electrics from Audi surely sweeped the podium, Nissan did gave its competition of what can be expected in the future of racing, especially Formula 1 series, where the manufacturers are against the newly to-be formed 1.6T engine implications in the existing 2.4NA, V8 engines.

DeltaWing concept is a design by Ben Bowlby, combined with Highcroft Racing who combined with financial backing by Chip Ganassi, of Chip Ganassi Racing. Their idea was to create a racing car with half the weight, half the engine size, half the fuel consumption, and half the tire wear with respect to any series LeMans Racing car! It is therefore this car was not put into any Class as it was very different to others.

The name itself is self-explanatory of the looks of the car, a Delta Wing shaped body, which is capable of doing speeds at straights as well through the corners with minimal drag. The front and rear wings are also absent as the much needed downforce is achieved in the underbody design. Only a prominent fin is visible at center of the rear end of car. LeMans is based on twin cockpit design, so a pseudo cockpit is featured too! Overall it was an extraordinary effort put by the american team to compete in the world's high level racing and making it in a 'all new conceptual design car'. Qudos to them!

Here is a video of the launch of the car in mid March this year, months before its debut in LeMans this year. Take a look!

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Fiat's new 500 car : Fiat 500X

For Europeans, It's not a big secret anymore that Fiat is preparing another version of the famous 500, but for the rest of the world markets, it is!  Yes, it is goint to be a relatively small SUV and something about that already told in March.

This wannabe cross-over model as we see in the above picture has a very peculiar design, which is very pretty and attractive. It is going to be a significantly larger car length is estimated at around 4.2 meters compared to the 500XL, a small MUV made available in Europe. It is certainly going to be a great car from the Fiat stable, and we can only wish that it will be made available across the globe, and not specific to European markets.

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A video Tribute to Bohouse Ceplechy!

It was at the Rally Bohemia the 35year old met his end in a horrifying crash on SS3. Bohouse Ceplechy was co-driving / navigating for Martin Semerad [22], who miraculously survived with only a fracture to the collar bone & was air-lifted to the hospital. Ceplechy's injury in the crash was so grievous that he succumbed his last on the spot, despite the effort by the medical rescue who arrived shortly after the incident.

It is understood that Martin lost control of the Mitsubishi Evo [ in which they were competiting ] at a very high speed and ended head-on to the tree [pictured]. The impact was so hard that the car was hardly recognizable.

Motorsports is always dangerous, and such incidents are just a blow on the sporting community & will be ever mourned upon loss of any life, whether on circuits or the stages.

May his soul rest in peace!

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VW Motorsports : Polo R WRC tests on Tarmac [Germany]

More tests were conducted by VW Motorsports at the famous Baumholder roads that are lined up with heinkelsteins that are embedded deep into the earth to stop war tanks from going off road at Germany.

The car VW Polo R WRC looks impressively fast & powerful. It will certainly be a feast to watch them competiting in the coming season 2013.

Until then enjoy these videos!

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FIA's IRC Series, Round 8 - Sibiu Rally [Romania]

Romanian rally started on the IRC listings at the begining of the millenium in 2001. Since then it is one of the most celebrated motorsport event in the country. It kicks off from the cultural city of Transylvania, which has a unique architectural building lining up the city.

On the left is the picture from an earlier event from 2005. Although there are some tarmac sections, the rally is mainly on gravel stretches and it does snow during winter, but rather dusty during summer.

It will again be a close battle on the top order to excel and come out with winning colors, but the local competition cannot be ruled out despite that they might not be able to use those points (if they win) to win the championship. It is also the the 5th round of the national championship series, so the entry is a strong 60+ (including the 0' cars), making the event a longer to run.

On the top order entry list are A.Mikkelsen (Nor), S.Wiegand (Deu), M.Arzeno (Fra), P.Flodin (Swe), F.Delecour (Fra), however G.Basso is not competing in this round of IRC.

Since this is just after a week after the previous gravel round, most of the drivers will be accustomed to the event's conditions and will be fun with watch.

Here is a picture during Mikkelsen's testing for the rally. Just look around at the location... breathtaking to just pass through those roads, and rallying over there will be just dream-come-true many, including me :)

Here is the link for more event specific updates!
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APRC : Malaysia Rally : Wrap Up!

So it turned out the a dramatic weekend at Rally Malaysia, on the top of the podium Alister McRae, Cusco team in second and Team MRF's Chris Aktinson on the third.

More details will be posted here soon!
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FIA APRC : Malaysian Rally - Update

Day 1 of the rally is done and Proton Motorsports' PG Andersson dominates the event. Rains had done its play overnight making the stages very tricky & slippery even for the top form drivers.

How tough was it for the competitors, can make out by this pic!

The complete event's report here, take a look!
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A Quick WRC Mid Season Review : by Citroen Racing

Here is a quick mid-season WRC 2012 review by Citroen WRT. Enjoy!

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APRC Update : Proton testing for Malaysian Rally

Malaysian Rally is getting hot by every passing day. Proton Motorsports & Cusco Team did some pre-event testing with the homeland rally in view.

Also some pics of the Scrutineering.

Pre-event testing by Proton Motorsports & Cusco Team.

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FIA : Action for Road Safety - 2012

Just spreading the word... please take a look!

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Silk Way 2012 - Rally Raid : Almost done!

Silk Way Rally is nothing short of Dakar with the heat in competition, but mostly passes through the Russian continent. The challenge is almost the same, but with lesser terrain challenges compared to the now running Argentina-Chile Dakar series.

Day 1[08-July-2012]:

They never cared for water...

neither the lumber bridges..!

The chics neither moved us from our path..

Yes, the fire did stop us though!

Our fans had fun of our deep in s**t race position, but we didn't care for it either!

And the day was no short of dramas and breath taking actions..
Day 2[09-July-2012]: 

These huge trucks never stops to amaze us, do they!?
Yes, these are the must haves :)
And the grass eaters!

These things never get old, trust me! 
And there were some group action too!

It is so easy to narrate it this way! Believe it or not, its even hard to go and spectate!

More drama continued!

Some of them came prepared to its fullness, while...

others struggled!

Big boys were pretty lucky!

And some unlucky ones with injury had to retire!

While some just gave up hopes!

And those who made it were content as well as tired!

Day 3 [10-July-2012]: 

The ever enviable Kamaz!

and flying Mistu's

The silky sand, never let anyone just 'pass by'!

Some triumphed!

While some climbed... 

the 'not so lucky ones' dug!

The biggies mostly sailed..

Some lesser ones flew low!

Yet, the drama continued... 

and these guys, just went on, and on and on..!!

Day 4 : [11-July-2012]... just wait for it to happen ... LOL

May be some consolation prizes here till then,


Start gate!

Day 1: 

Day 2:

Day 3: Again wait for it..!

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